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Magic Makeup Brushes


"LOVE THEM! They're brilliant! The quality is AMAZING! My eye make up never looked so flawless! All the brushes are useable, not like in sets where you have half that are useable and a half that pretty much don't do anything! This set is great, and I've used them so many times already!"

- Nicole B. LullabyDay Customer


Are you having trouble applying your eyeshadow evenly?


Get That Perfect Stroke of Eye Shadow

This high-quality cosmetic brush kit with 20 eye makeup brushes is the perfect set to take away all your eye makeup woes. Whether you are unable to blend your eyeshadow for that classic office look or can't get a bang on winged eyeliner, the FLD 20 pieces eye makeup brushes are your saving grace.


Now, blend your eye makeup whichever way you love - bold, dusty, smokey, dewy. These brushes are gentle on your skin, so you won't take out an eye trying to perfect your look!

Choose to make a great style statement whether in your office or at a party and complete your look in under seconds. Using these eye brushes is effortless and straightforward. Give yourself a perfect look without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Applying eye makeup doesn't have to be daunting anymore. Effortlessly use the best colors and textures with a few quick strokes and look fashionable and stylish 24x7.

Why our Magic Eye Makeup Brush set, perfect will change your LIFE!

✅  Friendly use: The full set is suitable for use by beginners, even though the brushes are of superior professional quality.

✅  Soft on the skin: The nylon brushes are sturdy enough not to get ruined but also soft enough for you to apply your makeup gently.


✅  Perfect coverage: The brushes offer superior coverage even when you use less quantity of eyeshadow. No more spotty eye makeup!

 ✅  Lightweight: The handles of these eye makeup brushes are made of superior strength plastic, offering secure handling.

✅  Multipurpose: These brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This helps you apply your eye makeup according to the occasion - casual, office, get-togethers, parties, date nights, weddings, and more!

✅  Desirable results: Eye makeup doesn't have to take hours of reapplication anymore. These nylon-hair eye makeup brushes offer beneficial results in just a few quick strokes.

✅  Recommended for any style!: Our products are made of high-quality materials, offer the best benefits, and most importantly, they come with the best value for your money.

Choose to be fabulous, bring the limelight towards you, and be the focus of every party!