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You ever wondered how the celebrities and influencers on Instagram put up high-quality and well-illuminated pictures effortlessly?

Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore! The answer to your question is the Selfie Ring Light.
Made up of over 60 pieces of LED bulbs, the Selfie Ring Light adds bundles of light to your photo, helping you take professional and bright images without any extra efforts. Simply place the Selfie Ring Light in front of you, switch it on, and click Instagram-worthy photos.

The new light stand that comes with the Selfie Ring Light makes it easier for you to place the Selfie Ring Light in front of you.





What makes the Selfie Ring Light so amazing?


✅  Ten brightness modes: The Selfie Ring Light offers ten different brightness modes to make sure that you get the optimum light for great photos - whether indoors or out in the sun!


✅  Multiple light colors: Different photos’ moods require different light colors to set the tone right. This is why the Selfie Ring Light comes in three different light colors - white, warm, and soft light.





✅  USB plug: You no longer need to worry about changing the batteries on your Selfie Ring Light. This product comes with a USB plug, so simply plug it in and click fantastic photos!



✅  Multipurpose: The Selfie Ring Light can be used as a beautiful light for your makeup area, a photography light for selfies, or a live light for photoshoots.



✅  Sturdy and robust: The Selfie Ring Light is made up of Aluminium+PC. This offers a sturdy and robust solution for when you want to get the best photos even after several long years after the purchase.


✅  Easy to use: You can either place the Selfie Ring Light on a steady surface or use the new tripod stand to make sure that it is stable and doesn’t move during photoshoots. This way, you can easily use the Selfie Ring Light without having to worry about it falling.


✅  Light up your photos with the Selfie Ring Light: Our high-quality and best material Selfie Ring Light offers the best value for your money. It’s simple, multipurpose, easy to use, and brings out the best version of you.


Now, do away with dull and lifeless photos and light up your photos.