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Hand Made Eco-Friendly Diapers

“Always love these diapers. They’re good if you are done with disposable diapers and want to help the environment more. The patterns are super cute too! Great for my baby’s skin.”

- Jessica M. LullabyDay Customer

Are you frustrated with the heaps of dirty diapers you have to dispose of every day?


Over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers per year for one baby.

Our reusable modern cloth nappies are designed to replace the billions of disposable nappies we throw away, which by the way, take 200-500 years to break down.


Forget about Disposable Diapers and Choose Eco-Friendly Reusable Diapers!

Hand Made Eco-Friendly Diapers

With eco-friendly, washable, and reusable Diapers, you forget about other created problems.

Made with baby-friendly material, these Reusable Diapers are a great way to reduce the number of disposable diapers you buy and dispose of. Plus, they are soft on your baby’s skin as well. This prevents frequent visits to the doctor because of baby rashes.

Choose gentle care for your baby and make the wise and economic decision of buying Reusable Diapers.



 Why Our Hand Made, Eco-Friendly Diapers will change your Parenting LIFE!


✅  Gentle on the skin: Disposable diapers can be very harsh with your newborn baby’s skin. These Reusable Diapers are made of a soft suede inner layer, which is extremely gentle on your baby’s skin and prevents any rashes.


✅  Economical: Using disposable diapers can become quite expensive very quickly. Reusable Diapers can be washed in a matter of a few minutes, dried, and used multiple times without any hassles.


✅  Environment-friendly: Disposing of heaps of dirty diapers every day puts heavy pressure on the environment. With Reusable Diapers, you do not need to throw them away in the garbage every day.




✅  Long-lasting: Reusable Diapers are soft, washable, and durable. They can be used for several months before you switch to a new one.


✅  Re-sizeable: Reusable Diapers come with multiple buttons on the side. Using these, you can adjust the size of the diaper to suit your growing child’s body.


✅  Water-proof outer layer: These Reusable Diapers come with a water-proof outer layer. This way, your baby can play around, even in water, without ruining the diaper.


These Reusable Diapers will become your baby’s best friend.


With attractive prints and colors, soft and sturdy material, and ecological and economic benefits, Reusable Diapers are great to keep your baby happy all day long. Plus, they work great at night as well.

Choose the best value for your money while simultaneously providing your adorable baby all the gentle support and care they require and deserve.